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Property Address Certification

What is Property Address Certification?

Property Address Certification

Property Address Certification is an affidavit where the preparer attests and confirms the correct address of a property. It provides an independent certification for the address of the subject property.

When is it required?

A lender may request this document when it has doubts if the property address is incorrect. The request may be triggered in following cases:

  1. Inconsistent Address: The property address is inconsistent among various documents. For example, appraisal has the address as 126 Farmer Road, while the Plat map has it as 126 Farmer Lane. The difference in addresses may be due to typographical errors.
  2. Different Address Maintained by Different Agencies: An example is when the address assigned by the County/City is different than the address assigned by the U.S. Post Office.
  3. Change in Street Name: If the street name has recently changed then some documents may still refer to the old name while others to the new name.
  4. Incomplete Address: The property address on the certain documentation is incomplete.
  5. Peculiar Address: The street address seems to be peculiar or weird. For example, No Point Road (Yes, there is a road in Hansville, Washington by the name of Point No Point Road NE).

Lender's Consideration

Perform Independent Address Verification

Along with the certification, you should independently verify the address verification. One quick method is to perform a USPS search.

QC of Loan Documents

Once you have established the correct address, perform a review of the loan documents to ensure that they have correct address. This should be done prior to the document signing.


Document Summary

Property Address Certification
The document is used to confirm the correct address of a property.
Use in Mortgages
The lender may require this document to make sure that it is using the correct property address and that it will be able to defend its lien on the property.
Other Names
Address Certification
Provided By
Provided To
Notarization Required
Signed By
Loan applicants
Life Cycle Stage
None by regulation. We recommend keeping it in the loan file for as long as the loan is outstanding.
Model Form
Applicable Laws

Updated: Aug 22, 2013


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Property Address Certification is used to confirm the correct address of a property
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