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Confirmation of Policy Expiration

What is Confirmation of Policy Expiration?

Confirmation of Policy Expiration

Confirmation of Policy Expiration is a letter from the insurance company informing the recipient of the termination of insurance coverage as of the expiration date. Termination of coverage occurs when the policy reaches end of the term for which it was issued or at the end of the period for which a premium has been paid. The policyholder’s decision to not renew the policy and allow it to lapse is an example of the cause of policy termination.

In context of mortgages and real estate, the letter may relate to property insurance, flood insurance, earthquake insurance, or other real estate related insurance.


Contents of Confirmation of Policy Expiration

The key information included in the Confirmation of Policy Expiration is listed below:

  1. Name Insured: The policyholder or policy owner who obtained the policy.
  2. Property Address: The address of the property that is the subject of insurance.
  3. Statement of Policy Expiration: A statement informing the recipient that the insurance has expired.
  4. Effective Date: The date when the policy was obtained or last renewed.
  5. Expiration Date: The date when the insurance expired.
  6. Policy Number: The policy number.

Borrower's Consideration

Verify the Date of Cancellation

Verify the date of cancellation is same as what you had expected. Also, if you have replaced the policy with another insurance policy then verify the effective date of new policy is immediately after the cancellation date of the old policy to ensure there is no gap in coverage.


Lender’s Consideration

Escrow Implications

Determine whether the insurance has been replaced by an alternate insurance. If policy has not been replaced and if the insurance was included in the escrow account, then identify if you need to force place insurance or perform other remedial measures.


Document Summary

Confirmation of Policy Expiration
Informs the recipient of the termination of insurance coverage as of the expiration date
Use in Mortgages
Notifies the cancellation of insurance
Other Names
  • Confirmation of Policy Expiration
  • Notice of Cancellation of Policy
Provided By
Insurance Company
Provided To
Borrower, Servicer
Notarization Required
Signed By
Insurance Company
Life Cycle Stage
None required
Model Form
Not Applicable
Applicable Laws
Not Applicable

Updated: Mar 27, 2015


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Letter from the insurance company informing termination of insurance coverage as of the expiration date
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