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Notice Of Incompleteness

What is Notice of Incompleteness?

Notice Of Incompleteness

Notice of Incompleteness (NOI) is a letter from the lender to the loan applicant to request the applicant to provide documentation or information that is needed by the lender to make a credit decision. The purpose of NOI is to inform the applicant of the information or documentation that is needed to complete application.

NOI is required as per the notification requirements of Regulation B as specified in Section 1002.9.


Contents of Notice of Incompleteness

NOI contains the following information:

  1. List of Required Information: Specific set of information that is requested by the lender.
  2. Reasonable Time Period: Due date by when the information must be received by the lender. The lender is required to provide a reasonable time period for the applicant to provide the information.
  3. Disclosure: A disclosure that in the event of non-receipt of information by the due date, the lender may deny the application.
  4. Other Information: Name and address of applicant, application number, property address, and other information.

Items 1 to 3 are required by Regulation B.


Borrower’s Considerations

Provide Missing Information or Documentation Before the Due Date

You should respond to the NOI by providing the information requested by the lender. Contact the lender promptly, if you are not clear on what is required or if you need additional time to collect the information and respond. Remember, you need to respond before the due date listed in the NOI, otherwise your loan application may get declined.


Lender’s Considerations

Notification Requirements of Regulation B

You have two different approaches on how you handle incomplete applications. Within 30 days from date of application, you can either deny the application citing incompleteness as a denial reason, or send a Notice of Incompleteness. Whichever approach you take, it is important that you consistently take the same approach for all incomplete applications. Your Reg B/ECOA policy should also specify how you handle incomplete applications.


There are two timing requirements with the NOI:

  1. When to deliver the NOI: The notice must be sent to the applicant within 30 days of receiving an incomplete application.
  2. Time limit for receiving information: You must provide a reasonable time period for the applicant to provide the requested information.

Form of Notice of Incompleteness

NOI should be sent in writing for residential loan applications. If a written notice of incompleteness has been sent to the applicant, then you have no further obligation if the applicant fails to respond within the designated time period. You may then cancel the loan application.

Whom to Send

When there are more than one loan applicants, you should send the NOI to the primary applicant, if readily identifiable. If a primary applicant cannot be identified then send the NOI to any loan applicant.


Maintain the NOI, along with other application documents, for a period of 25 months after the date you have notified an applicant of incompleteness. You may have to retain the records for a longer time period under investigation or is subject to enforcement proceeding. The recordkeeping requirements are specified in § 1002.12 of Regulation B.


Document Summary

Notice Of Incompleteness
NOI informs the applicant of the information or documentation that is needed to complete application.
Use in Mortgages
NOI identifies the information and documentation that the applicant has to send to the lender to complete the application. Lender uses NOI to comply with Regulation B.
Other Names
Notice Of Incompleteness
Provided By
Provided To
Loan applicants
Notarization Required
Signed By
Lender (optional)
Life Cycle Stage
25 months after the date the applicant was notified of incompleteness
Model Form
None. However, Reg B specifies content requirements
Applicable Laws
CFPB Regulation B § 1002.9 (12 CFR 1002.9)

Updated: Nov 04, 2013


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The purpose of NOI is to inform the applicant of the information or documentation needed to complete application
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