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What is Form SSA-89?


Form SSA-89 is the Authorization for the Social Security Administration (SSA) To Release Social Security Number (SSN) Verification Form. Form SSA-89 authorizes the Social Security Administration (SSA) to verify if the name and the SSN number combination match the data in the SSA’s records and to communicate the verification results to the requestor or its agent that is named in the form.

The lender uses SSA-89 to prevent identity fraud by verifying the SSN and name with the SSA. The lender is not required to perform the SSN verification on any or all the loans. The SSA or the government does not require the lender to perform SSN verification.

The document must be completed, signed and dated by the borrower. The lender may provide pre-printed forms where it has entered the Company’s Name, Address, or its agent’s name and address. The borrow must then sign and deliver the completed form to the lender.


How it Works

Upon receipt of a completed Form SSA-89, the lender will obtain the verification by using the SSA’s Consent Based Social Security Number Verification Service (CBSV).

SSA matches the following elements: SSN, name, date of birth and a gender code if available. Each SSN and name combination submitted to SSA is returned with a “yes” or "no" verification code indicating that the submission either matches or does not match our records. If applicable, SSA will report a death indicator when their records reflect that the SSN holder is deceased.

CBSV Service does not verify identity, citizenship, or employment eligibility.

Either the lender or its agent must be enrolled in the CBSV prior to using the service. The SSA charges a one-time enrollment fee and a transaction fee for each SSN verification request. As of Sep 24, 2013, the cost of enrollment is $5,000 and transaction fee is $1.05 per SSN verification request.


Borrower's Considerations

Review for Completeness and Accuracy

  1. Complete all Personal Details: Complete the name, date of birth, SSN, address, and personal phone. Verify they are accurately entered and are same as the records with Social Security Administration. This may be of importance when using previous names or other name variations.
  2. Signature and Date: Sign and date the form. Date is important since it establishes the time frame between which the form can be executed by the lender. Do not hand over a undated form.

Lender's Considerations

SSA-89 Review

  1. Comparison with Loan Application: Verify that the name, address, date of birth, SSN on the SSA-89 is same as the loan application. Any variations or differences must be investigated.
  2. Verify Dates: Before obtaining SSN verification, ensure that the verification is performed within the time period authorized in the form.

Document Summary

SSA-89 authorizes the SSA to verify if the name and the SSN number combination match the data in the SSA’s records.
Use in Mortgages
SSA-89 is used by the lender as a fraud prevention measure by verifying the social security number of the borrower.
Other Names
Authorization for the Social Security Administration (SSA) To Release Social Security Number (SSN) Verification
Provided By
Provided To
Notarization Required
Signed By
Life Cycle Stage
A copy of the form must be maintained in the loan file along with all other origination documents.
Model Form
Applicable Laws
SSA regulation § 401.100

Sample Documents

  1. Sample SSA-89
  2. Blank SSA-89

Updated: Sep 24, 2013


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Form SSA-89 is the Authorization for the SSA to release SSN Verification Form.
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