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Verbal Verification of Employment Form (VVOE Form)

What is a Verbal Verification of Employment Form?

Verbal Verification of Employment Form (VVOE Form)

Verbal Verification of Employment Form (VVOE Form) is completed by a lender to document the details of the verification of employment conducted over the phone. A VVOE Form is completed for each borrower that has applied for the mortgage loan. Additionally, VVOE Form must be separately completed for each employer where the borrower has multiple jobs.

Verbal Verification of Employment

Verbal Verification of Employment (VVOE) is the process of verifying the employment status of each borrower on the mortgage application by contacting the borrower's employer over the phone.

A borrower's employment is a significant factor in determining the capacity of a borrower to repay a loan. VVOE helps a lender confirm that the borrower's employment status is same as what was disclosed in the initial loan application. Any change in employment status needs evaluation to determine if the borrower is still eligible for the loan. Verifying employment details by directly calling the borrower's employer may also mitigate fraud by independently verifying the employment details and salary information.

The VVOE is generally completed as late as possible in the loan origination process. Some lenders follow the Fannie Mae guide by completing the VVOE within 10 business days prior to the note date. However, certain lenders perform may perform VVOE after the loan closing.

VVOE is performed for salaried, hourly, and commission based income earners. VVOE may also be performed for self-employed borrowers by calling the CPA, licensing authority, or other third parties.


Contents of a VVOE Form

A VVOE Form generally contains the following information:

  1. Borrower Information: Borrower's information such as name, loan number, stated employment, etc.
  2. Employer Contact Information: Employer's information such as name, title, phone, etc.
  3. Source of Employer Information: The source from where the employer's contact information was obtained. Ideally, the employer's contact information should be independently obtained through sources such as internet search, telephone books, directories, or trade/association lists.
  4. Employment Status: The confirmation of the employment status of the borrower. It may also include additional information such as date of employment or employment title.
  5. Person Conducting VVOE: The name, title, and other information of the lender's employee conduction the VVOE. It should also include the date and time when the caller confirmed the details with the employer.

Lender's Consideration

Reviewing VVOE Form

Review of the VVOE form should be reviewed to confirm the following:

  1. Borrower Details: The borrower's name matches the loan application.
  2. Employer Details: Employer name should match the loan application and the pay statement and W-9.
  3. Employer's Contact Information: The name, title, phone number, department, and contact information of the person that was contacted for performing the employment verification. The contact phone number should be independently verified through sources such as internet search, telephone books, directories, or trade/association lists.
  4. Employment Details: Confirmation as whether the borrower is currently employed, on leave, or is no longer employed.

QC Process

The VVOE Form should be subject to the QC process to ensure it has been completed timely and as per established procedures. Ideally, a post-closing QC process should be developed where a sample of loans is selected and a QA specialist should conduct an independent verification of employment and complete another VVOE Form. This process will detect missed forms, inadequately completed forms, and instances of fraud. The results of the QC process can be used for identifying the need additional training, updating or streamlining processes, or taking disciplinary actions.


Sellers Guide

Loans that are targeted for sale in the secondary market must meet the sellers guide or underwriting guidelines issued by the loan investors. Loan investors can be Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, or private market entities. Review the sellers guide or underwriting guidelines regarding the specific requirements for conducting Verbal Verification of Employment. VVOE Form is generally required by investors before they purchase a loan.

Form Design

There is no model VVOE Form that is prescribed under any law or regulation. Some lenders use Freddie Mac's Form 90: Verbal Verification of Employment or design their forms that are very similar to Freddie Mac's form. A lender is also free to design its own VVOE form. When designing a VVOE form, care must be taken to ensure that it includes enough information that evidences the completion of VVOE and facilitates a second person to re-perform the VVOE.


Recordkeeping requirements are not required under any law or regulation. Review the Seller’s Guide to determine if there is any record retention requirement related to VVOE Form. Irrespective, consider retaining the form in the loan file for as long as the loan is outstanding.


Borrower's Consideration

Provide Accurate Information in Loan Application

You should ensure that you are providing accurate employment information in the loan application. Ensure that your job title or designation, department, years of employment, and other information is exactly as it appears your company's records. Otherwise, the lender may raise a red flag and require additional information, or even cancel the loan, if there is discrepancy in the information provided.

The Work Number

A number of companies are using The Work Number to facilitate verification of employment for mortgage or other purposes. In these cases, the employer will not perform any verbal verification of employment and will direct a caller to The Work Number website. This has implications for both the borrower and the lender. The borrower should obtain the details of how to call The Work Number and provide it to the mortgage lender. The lender should ensure that The Work Number verification will meet the underwriting guidelines.

The website for The Work Number is The Work Number is owned by Equifax Workforce Solutions, a/k/a TALX Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Equifax Inc.


Document Summary

Verbal Verification of Employment Form (VVOE Form)
The Verbal Verification of Employment Form is the lender's documentation of verbally verifying the employment status for each borrower on the loan application.
Other Names
  • VVOE Form
  • Verbal VOE Form
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Provided To
None. The document is a lender generated document that is part of the loan file.
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Life Cycle Stage
None required by any law or regulation. However, consider retaining the form as long as the loan is outstanding.
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Updated: Oct 19, 2018


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