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Combined Broker Exam and License Application

Application Process

Combined Broker Exam and License Application

Step 1: Complete Education Requirements

Enroll and complete the eight courses required for the Broker License. Retain the official transcripts as evidence of completed courses. The courses required by BRE are:

  1. Real Estate Practice
  2. LegalAspects of Real Estate
  3. Real Estate Finance
  4. Real Estate Appraisal
  5. Real Estate Economics OR General Accounting
  6. Any three courses from the list below. If you have completed both, General Accounting and Real Estate Economics, then you to complete any two papers from the list below.
    1. Real Estate Principles
    2. Business Law
    3. Property Management
    4. Escrow
    5. Real Estate Office Administration
    6. Mortgage Loan Brokering and Lending
    7. Advanced Legal Aspects of Real Estate
    8. Advanced Real Estate Finance
    9. Advanced Real Estate Appraisal
    10. Computer Applications in Real Estate
    11. Common Interest Developments

    Learn more about recognized educational institutions


Step 2: Fingerprinting

Complete the Live Scan Service Request Form (BRE Form RE 237) and make two photocopies of this form. Fingerprinting is completed through a live scan service provider. The provider will complete Part 3 of the Form RE 237 and will keep the original Form 237 while returning two copies. One copy is for your records and the other is sent to the BRE along with the application. The service provider will charge you a separate fee for the fingerprinting.

The results from the fingerprinting process may take some time to arrive and BRE does not issue licenses till it receives the results. Therefore, it is recommended to complete fingerprinting early in the application process.

You can search for a live scan service provider by visiting the California Department of Justice website or by calling the Sacramento Office of the Bureau of Real Estate at 877-373-4542.


Step 3: Prepare and Submit the Application

Complete the application package for the Broker license, which includes the documents listed below.

  1. BRE Form 436: Complete the Broker Exam/License Application Form (RE 436).
  2. Official Transcripts: Obtain transcripts showing successful completion of the required courses.

    Exemptions for Members of State Bar: You will need to provide supporting documentation if you are claiming exemption from the course requirements on the grounds of being a member of the State Bar or holding an LL.B or J.D. degree. The supporting documentation can be in the form of a photocopy of the LL.B or J.D. degree or State Bar membership card.

    Credential Evaluation: Include the sealed education evaluation from the credential evaluation service approved by the BRE if you are using courses from a foreign educational institution.
  3. Experience Verification: To document the experience, complete the Employment Verification Form (RE 226) or Equivalent Experience Verification Form (RE 227). If using education in lieu of experience, then obtain the official transcript of the four-year college degree to verify the required experience.
  4. BRE Form RE 205 for Proof of Legal Presence: Complete the State Public Benefits Statement (RE 205). This form documents the residency status of the applicant.
  5. Attachment to BRE Form RE 205: Attach photocopies of the documentation to support the residency status that was declared in Form RE 205. This may include copy of birth certificate, US Passport, Certificate of Naturalization, Green Card, I-94, or others. Review the Form RE 205 for list of acceptable documentation.
  6. Disability Related Request: You may request accommodations arising due to any disability such as request for wheelchair access, extended testing time, or other accommodations. To request accommodations include the following documentation:
    1. Completed Special Accommodation Request For Examination Form (Form RE 413).
    2. If the disability is not observable then a verification of the disability is required from the medical provider that diagnosed your disability. Form RE 413 provides details on the specific information that the BRE requires to be included in the verification.
    3. If the disability is observable and the request is limited to wheelchair access, special seating, or special equipment needs, then additional documentation to verify the disability is not required.
  7. Copy of BRE Form RE 237: Include copy of the Live Scan Service Request Form (BRE Form RE 237) which includes the Part 3 that was completed by the live scan service provider.
  8. Application Fee: Include the application fee with the application. All fees are non-refundable. Fee may be paid by following methods:
    1. Credit Card: BRE accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card. To pay by credit card complete and attach Credit Card Payment Form (BRE Form RE 909).
    2. Cashiers' Check, Check, or Money Order: Make payable to Bureau of Real Estate.

Mail the Application

Mail the completed application to the BRE at Bureau of Real Estate, P.O. Box 187001, Sacramento, CA 95818-7001.


Step 4: Respond to BRE Application Processing

BRE will process the form you submitted. BRE posts the application processing timeframes on its Current Processing Timeframes webpage.

If Qualified

If your application is accepted, BRE will notify you and provide information regarding the dates of the examination. The notification letter contains an examination identification number. If you selected self-scheduling in the application form (Form RE 436), then you can select the examination date by using the eLicensing system. If self-scheduling was not selected, then BRE sends an Examination Schedule Notice (RE 401B).

If Not Qualified

If you are not qualified, BRE will notify you of the deficiencies causing denial. You need to address the deficiencies before you can progress in the application process, including scheduling the examination. BRE gives you two years from the date of application to complete the required deficiencies and take the examination. The application will expire if you fail to address the deficiencies and pass the examination within the two year period. After that you will have to restart the application process and by applying again.


Step 5: Schedule the Examination

Schedule the examination if you selected self-scheduling in the application form. Examination availability can be accessed by visiting BRE's Exams Scheduling webpage. You can schedule the examination using the eLicensing system or by completing and returning the Examination Schedule Notice (RE 401B) form to the BRE. If form RE 401B is lost then use the eLicensing system or submit Broker Examination Change Application Form (RE 415B). Pick the examination date carefully because additional fees apply for rescheduling.


Step 6: Take the Examination

The Broker Exam is 5 hours long. It is conducted in a 2 1/2-hour morning session and 2 1/2-hour afternoon session. It consists of 200 multiple choice questions (100 in each session). Each question has four choices. See the BRE's Broker Examination Content webpage for more information. To pass the examination you need to correctly answer a minimum of 75% of the questions.


Step 7: Receive Examination Results

You can check the examination results by using the eLicensing system or through the Interactive Voice Response system by calling toll free at 1-877-373-4542.

  1. Paper and Pencil Examination: The examination results are mailed to the application within five business days from the date of examination.
  2. Electronic Examination: The results are provided upon completion on the examination. BRE sends a confirmation letter notifying the successful completion of the examination.

If you are successful, BRE will provide you a notification of passing. Actual scores are not released. If you are unsuccessful, BRE will provide the actual score and the percentage of questions that were answered correctly in each subject area.

Retake Examination, if required

You can re-take the examination if you were unsuccessful. Examination can be re-taken any number of times during the two-year period following the date of filing the original application. After the end of the two-year period, a new application is required.

To re-take the examination, use the eLicensing system or Broker Examination Result Notice (RE 418B). If the Form RE 418B is lost, then use the Broker Examination Change Application Form (RE 415B).


Step 8: Receive the License

BRE will issue you the Broker License after successfully completing the examination and meeting all the requirements. The license is valid for a period of four years. BRE issues a pocket identification card and gives a notification that your license is ready to be printed from the eLicensing system. BRE no longer issues the license certificates.

Step 9: Apply for MLO Endorsement

If you intend to perform residential mortgage activity, then you need to apply for a MLO License Endorsement.


Document Checklist

Typical Documents Required
Application, Age, and Honesty
1. Broker Exam/License Application Form (RE 436)
U.S. Residency
2. State Public Benefits Statement (RE 205)
3. Documentary Support for RE 205
4. Any one of the three:
  1. Employment Verification Form (RE 226)
  2. Equivalent Experience Verification Form (RE 227)
  3. Official transcript of the four-year college degree
5. Either of the three below
  1. Official Transcripts of the courses:
    1. Real Estate Practice
    2. Legal Aspects of Real Estate
    3. Real Estate Finance
    4. Real Estate Appraisal
    5. Real Estate Economics OR General Accounting
    6. Three additional course
  2. Proof of Exemption for Members of CA State Bar (Copy of both sides of the CA State Bar membership card.)
  3. Evidence of a LL.B. or J.D. degree
6. Either of:
  1. Live Scan Service Request Form (RE 237)
  2. FBI Applicant Fingerprint Card for Out of State Applicants
7. Either of:
  1. Personal Check, Cashier’s Check, or Money Order
  2. Attach RE 909 for credit card payments
Special Accommodation
(if required)
8. Special Accommodation Request For Examination (RE 413)
9. Verification of disability, if disability is not observable
Out of State Applicants
(if applicable)
10. Consent to Service of Process (RE 234)
11. Out-of-State Broker Acknowledgement (RE 235)

Updated: Sep 14, 2013


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