Mortgages Analyzed
Mortgages Analyzed
Mortgages Analyzed
Rent Vs Buy Calculator

Rent Vs Buy Calculator

Homeownership Information

Purchase Price ($)
Down Payment (% of Purchase Price)
Closing Costs (% of Purchase Price)
Interest Rate (% per annum)
Loan Term (years)
Private Mortgage Insurance (% per annum)

Costs of Homeownership

Property Tax (% per annum)
HOA/PUD/Condo Association Fee ($)
Property Insurance (% per annum)
Maintenance Expense (% per annum)
Miscellaneous Expenses ($)

Costs of Renting (Annual)

Rent ($)
Condo/Membership Fees ($)
Renter's Insurance ($)
Other Rental Expenses ($)


Income Tax Rate (%)
Return on Investment (%)
Home Price Appreciation (%)


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